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Strategy Sprints

We partner with you to tailor our Strategy Sprints to meet your specific needs. We draw from our experience using powerful tools from Design Sprints, human centered design, and behavioral science. The outcome is a bespoke engagement that is custom made for you and your challenge, whether that’s aligning your team, creating strategic priorities or turning your vision into a tangible prototype. Skip strategic planning. Work with us and start strategic doing.

Strategy Sprint with the City of Charlotte + Knight Foundation.

Strategy Sprint with the City of Charlotte + Knight Foundation.


Sprint with Wily

We've run Strategy Sprints for social enterprises, colleges, and city government teams. Our Strategy Sprints work for a wide range of organizations because we design them with you to meet your specific needs. We design with, not for.

Our proven, hands-on Strategy Sprints apply the best tools to get your job done. No matter what type of organization you're in, we know how to run Strategy Sprints to motivate your team and smooth the path on your next big challenge.


What Strategy Sprints Look Like

How your Strategy Sprint looks depends on what you're trying to accomplish. But generally they follow the four steps outlined below:

  1. Get clarity on your challenge + Map the existing landscape

  2. Get rooted in the people who are central to your challenge

  3. Gather outside inspiration + Use structured idea generation

  4. Make top ideas tangible via early prototypes + Define next steps

Strategy Sprint with Davidson College’s Hurt Hub for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Strategy Sprint with Davidson College’s Hurt Hub for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


Why Wily?

We run and teach sprints full time. We’re not spread across multiple lines of business and running sprints like a side hustle. Sprints are our full time gig. That means you get the most effective process.

We’re not facilitators or coaches first. We’re strategists and designers first. We’re practitioners that draw from our experience in design, UX, agile, strategy, and software development to tailor sprints to your needs. That means you get the best chance of success.

We run sprints domestically and overseas for Fortune 100 and 500 teams, city and federal governments and prominent institutions, and can stand toe-to-toe with the biggest (and most expensive) design agencies in the world. That means you get world class talent without the world class egos or prices.

We love what we do and have chosen to spend our most valuable resource (our time) to create a vehicle (this company) to do our life's work. That means you are treated as a partner, and get our commitment to bring you our very best work.

We are passionate. We are purpose-driven. We Are Wily.




"Exceptional work yesterday, Eric. I was impressed. Thank you for starting us on this bold, exciting journey! We should find more ways to utilize your skillsets. I spoke to a couple of the attendees who really enjoyed your approach. That’s a delicate subject and l totally enjoyed the process."

—Taiwo Jaiyeoba, Director of Planning, City of Charlotte





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Squeamish about a big commitment? Try a low risk Decision Sprint.

Whether you're defining a challenge, evaluating an opportunity, or getting your team aligned on a problem, our Decision Sprints can help. We offer these one hour sessions to the public and to project teams. They're a low risk way to work with our team and get a glimpse into how Sprints work. Plus the ideas you create and activities you learn are yours to use forever.

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