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Un-agency? Yep, that's us. We believe the traditional agency is fast becoming irrelevant. No one wants to spend boatloads of cash to keep an army of consultants busy for months on end when a smarter, faster alternative exists. Stop wasting time and money. Use Sprints to find out what your customers want and make key decisions about the form and function of your product or service idea in weeks, not months. Consider an alternative approach on your next project: a proven, repeatable and highly effective design process that will get your team building, testing, and shipping new and improved solutions, fast. Why walk (or crawl) when you can sprint?


We make it easy to do your life’s best work.

We believe the world is a vastly better place when you’re doing your life’s most important work. That’s why we make it easy to use powerful, proven tools and practices from experience and service design. Even the smartest teams get bogged down when groupthink sets in or when projects linger for months and years. Momentum is lost, the mission gets muddled, and teams lose their passion to see a project through. We've all experienced it. But we don't have to stay under its thumb. We can choose another path. We can choose to Sprint.


Our People


Eric Gorman, Owner, Strategy + Design

Eric Gorman has designed and facilitated Strategy Sprints and Design Sprints domestically and overseas for Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, federal and city government teams, as well as prominent nonprofits and institutions. Eric regularly teaches classes and leads training, including overseas at the INTEC University in Santo Domingo and locally at Wake Forest University's Design Thinking Certificate Program.

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Emily Holmes, Strategy + Design

Emily Holmes is a seasoned user experience professional, with a love of using design thinking to discover innovative solutions to complex problems. Her background as a designer and entrepreneur provides a powerful combination that allows her to help teams focus on solving the right problems quickly and empathetically, without over-engineering possible solutions. She has experience building innovation teams, and speaks regularly at conferences about her design and innovation expertise.

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Julia Jackson, Strategy + Engagement

Julia Jackson is driven to create world class experiences for clients. She has over 20 years experience in marketing, customer engagement, creative strategy, and project management. Julia balances a talent for generating big ideas and communicating stories of impact with a pragmatic ability to execute these creative visions. She’s passionate about working with individuals and teams to unleash their potential.

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